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man with beardWhile we figured the beard trend would stop and vanish like it did only a few years ago, people with fantastic facial hair always remind us that we’re mistaken. That’s why they all have at least one near barbed man in their lives: a mum, a dad, a best friend and a girlfriend, you name them. The fact that The Beard was its own name led to a distinctive look attached to it and a different demand for barbed people. This makes it much easier for you to work. If you don’t know what to buy for your unique bearded guys, here are some good ones.

That’s the thing, Beard Comb / Brush Yes.

The most famous bars today are a lot more complex than the “Three Days I Don’t Shave” model, so they have to struggle so take care to look decent. There’s nothing worse than a dirty Robinson Crusoe beard, and your bearded pal knows how to accept this gift. You should avoid plastic brushes and pebs, however, as they can induce statics and frost. Handmade hybrid wood is also a safer option.

Beard Oil

We listed beard based items before the boom. It’s one of the most famous, and rightly so. Natural beard oil, you would know, makes the beard smoother, easier to handle and moisturise at once. You can pick from a range of flavours and materials, but pine tar, citrus and spice and oak are some of the best. And you don’t have to choose at all. Only buy a lovely pack of three samples and tie it up and voila.

Beard Tamer

Sometimes a beard may have “a mind of its own,” and every hair goes its own way as it does, and it’s just the way you want it to go. This could be very disturbing for a barbed fella so that he can fix this dilemma with the finest beard tamer he’s got— an all natural beard bazaar or wax. An even better alternative is a multi-functional option, such as baking and conditioning combination.

A Jacket No suits

like a good beard and a fine, trendy coat. In fact, if the man you buy a gift for is less of a lumberjack, and more of a real gentlemen, you can look for a gift in men’s suits. The look will vary from classic black and navy to funky, checked suits depending on your preferences.

Plaid Shirt

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, the lumberjack theme is right here, so you’re better off following them if you can’t beat them. A strong claim shirt for a tough guy is always a perfect present. If your barbed fella looks cleverly relaxed, it’s time to get a shirt like that.

Beard-Loving T-Shirt

T-Shirts on the value of beards are available in every room. They’re making an entertaining and amusing gift for younger guys in particular. Looking for very funny comments like “When your dad doesn’t have a furry face, you’ve got two mothers,” “Great beard” comes with tremendous obligation,” “No shave agenda no pretenda” and so on.

A Beard Trimmer

Many barebags choose to die than to shave, but often they do all have to cut their facials. The best tools to shape your beard are trimmers, but only if you buy a premium product. Including a solid blade and a range of attachments, a decent vacuum trimmer has a clever style.

Often old means evergreen instead of dated, and there are men who would love such a masterpiece, and we would claim a gift of quality. The greatest thing about an old-style straight razor is not his nostalgia, but his ability to mould a wider blade.

If you buy a gift for a bare man, you need to know that his facial hair is a quality that lets you choose the right present. Keep in mind that beard care is important to all modern beards, so good luck in the ever-beard-industry.

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