Best Way to Trap Fruit Fly

You want them to get away as quickly as you can when you’ve got fruit flies. There are many different methods to provide freedom from this huge problem. Don’t waste your time using the wrong solution.

We show you how to prevent a fruit fly infestation, and how to kill fruit flies if they are already in and around your home.

The common fruit fly is sometimes known as the vinegar fly and also its biological name, Drosophila Melanogaster. These pests are attracted to certain types of fruit, vinegar, ketchup, meat, and vegetables. Once a fruit fly finds a good place to get its food, it can bring on many more shortly. They lay eggs fast and can overtake an area fairly fast. They are especially prone to getting into your kitchen. Read on to learn how to prevent a takeover and eliminate fruit flies fast.

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How to Prevent a Fly Infestation in Your House

By protecting your house and following a few easy steps, you can prevent a fruit fly infestation from ever beginning.

Do not bring the bags that your fruit comes in inside your home. These plastic bags are like honey to a bee. They will attract unwanted insects.
Make sure that your leftover fruit that is being stored in your refrigerator is sealed in an airtight container.
Get rid of fruit that is starting to turn bad. When they get overripe, they send a stronger scent out, which gets picked up easier by flies.
Clean your house from top to bottom. Flies, ants, roaches, and other insects need food to survive. If you have crumbs, or grease laying around, these pests will find it. They then leave their scent for all their buddies to find. The sink area, in between couch cushions, and dirty dish rags are all areas that are known to collect dirt and leftover food.
Use a brown paper bag to store softer fruit. Not only do brown paper bags help the fruit to become ripe faster, but they can also protect the fruit from being eaten by a fly.

How to Kill Fruit Flies

If you already have a flying insect problem, and preventing them would do no good, you need to kill the fruit flies to break the cycle. You can either purchase a trap that comes with everything you need to catch and kill them, or you can create your homemade booby-trap that will sometimes work just as good.

How Can I Remove Fruit Flies from My Traps?

Combine the apple cider vinegar and make a pit with a few drops of the dish soap.
Another homemade trap is to put the leftover red wine in a bottle.
Cut into slices of banana jar in a and protect the front with a gripping band.
Put the bleach in the bathroom sink.

What Is the Quickest Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

Fill in a bowl or bottle of apple cider vinegar, cover with plastic wrap and rope to protect the sides and place a small hole in the top. Fruit flies will be taken to the alcohol, but they will not be able to leave the plastic wrap membrane as long as they are inside. Mix the apple cider vinegar and the soap bowl.

What’s the Best Fruit Fly Bait?

Red Wine.
Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap trap.

Are Fruit Flies Drawn to Milk?

Milk and pepper traps were actually used to produce ancient fruit flies. They can be convenient for an invasion of low-intensity fruit fly (10-15 fruit flies).

What Fruit Flies Hate?

Peppermint, Basil, Eucalyptus: certain plants that prevent flying fruits. When you bring them in muslin bags or tea bags and hang them around your house, they’re going to stop fruit flies. Peppermint, Lavender, Lemongrass, Clove (be very vigilant with this), these fruit flies discourage. They can’t resist the scent of it.

Can You Use Vinegar Routine to Trap Flies?

White vinegar can be used to capture fruit flies, but when apple vinegar is used, it is most likely to fly into the pit. Build a pit with a container and a plastic wrap.

Why Is My Bathroom Full of Fruit Flies?

Even if there’s nothing sweet in the house, flies like the bathrooms prefer warm, moist areas. Fruit flies may also be carried into your sink or shower in any of the spores.

How Do You Make Fruit Flies Pheromone Traps?

Make 10 to 12 holes in a 1-liter bottle of plastic, or 3 holes in a 1-liter container of ice cream, to enable flies to enter. Heat a small piece of metal to make it easy to suspend the bait, put a wire from the cover. Protect the scent dispenser in line with inside the trap entry holes.

Will the Fruit Fly by Itself Disappear?

Fruit flies are found to breed with up to 500 eggs. The life process from egg to adult takes only 8-0 days, so it multiplies rapidly. When the fruit flies catch up in your kitchen, they’re not going to disappear without intervention.  Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with fruit flies.


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