Guide to Road Running: Do’s and Dont’s

We’ve always heard people say running is actually the biggest form of physical exercise. All right, it’s absolutely right. Running improves almost every part of your body and is a perfect way to improve your entire health. It will help relieve stress and regulate weight. The best thing about running is to strengthen the cardiovascular system. And if you run a lot, you will definitely have a “healthy heart” and you will have the opportunity to check for your illnesses.

road runners

Road Running

One of the main things you can do is to choose from a broad range of routes and outdoors as a natural scenery. In reality, you are able to make different routes depending on the mood of the day and time that is easily accessible. You can choose a circular track, so that you still race towards your ultimate destination, instead of a linear track, which means that you have to run again. In fact, in case you want to improve your fitness levels and burn some extra calories, you have to change your direction regularly to keep your body out of habit.

Individuals suffering from Achilles tendonitis should take the road

Running on the road is a lot better for people with tendonitis because the hard surface makes the tendon of Achilles less stressed.

Great exercise for Marathons

And should you want to run a marathon or perhaps a half marathon, you have to run on the street because there are marathons on the streets around the world.

Dangers of Road Running

Running on an uneven surface is not suitable for the knee joint and could lead to injuries. You can have face problems with motor vehicles, a trucks, a bus or even a motorcycle. You can might even find some security issues.

Ideal ways for keeping you safe

  • To be able to stay away from pain, the landing should be right to avoid injury. You just have to land at the middle foot for a smooth landing so stay away from the bouncing of your knee.
  • Make sure you turn the music down and you know what’s going on around you if you use a headset.
  • Rush off road, which means you can see the vehicles approaching.
  • Run with your partner (particularly at night).
  • Stay away when it’s dark from the driveway.
  • Escape the crowded streets so that you can breathe less fumes.
  • Think about running in the first morning or maybe after the rush of the night, when there are fewer cars and less street people.
  • Remember to tell everyone you can, even if it’s just a call, or perhaps a text for someone you trust.
  • You always have to give your family and friends an outline of where you are going.


How to plan for the run of yours

You must perform a few stretching exercises before you start to get your entire body going.

  1. Quadriceps Stretchquadricep stretching
  2. Figure Zero
  3. Calves Stretch
  4. Gluts Stretch
  5. Inner Thigh Stretch
You can do the following exercises to build strength:
  1. Burpees
  2. Lunges
  3. Squats
  4. Duck Walk

The proper Gear

Allow me to share a few things with you when you are on the street. Wear bright clothes always.

  • Some kind of personal identity Some cash for water, food or perhaps a bus ride.
  • Stay away from minimalist shoes unless you have a lot of experience.
    Make sure your socks absorb moisture and match very well.

Don’t forget to bring your cell phone. It is always a lifesaver to make an emergency call. Also you can contact the police if a person actually stalks you, if you’ve been injured, call an ambulance, or perhaps even call a good friend to pick you up if you push yourself too hard.

  • Carry some water and food in case you get deep into the forest.
    You can also have some pepper spray to keep you safe.

Follow a good lifestyle

Last but not least, if you aim to be like a professional athlete, it is important that you adhere to a healthier lifestyle. And stay away from nicotine and alcohol. Rush to glory! Run to glory!


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