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In the case of cardiac arrest, every second matter is the reason why, over the last ten years, Japanese health organizations have installed a large number of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in public places, some of which have more than 300,000 devices.

At the end of the day, the nation would love to see the number increase to just one in each town, but for the moment the very first target is AED accessibility, leaving many international visitors astounded by discovering the AEDs in places that may seem a little odd at first: like vending machines.

As a result of the 2004 reform of the law, which only allowed not only health service workers but regular people to operate AEDs, units started to sprout across the country.

Particularly in areas such as big stations and parks, which may be difficult for emergency vehicles to reach, having an AED nearby is often a big difference between death and life.

The only issue is room and visibility, which is why, after 2006, the range of AED fitted vending machines has been continuously expanded, catching some foreign guests who spot them Although the truth is that there are few and far between instances of machine vandalism, the comments were not surprised to find out the vending machine itself become vandalized.

Although this particular type of crime is much less common compared to other nations, several models are still fitted with a safety warning to prevent individuals with bad intentions from tampering with the AED.

Legally, AEDs may be used by anyone at this time, but for any Japanese person interested in finding the best way to correctly use 1 only in the event of an emergency, almost all neighborhood fire stations have guidance on AED use.

In addition, the Tokyo Fire Department of Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Centers provides visitors with the opportunity to experience Japan Modern Culture for all those living in or even traveling to the Greater Tokyo Area.


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