All About the Eyelash Extension Trend

It is the most powerful and lasting way to raise your gaze and without makeup to have doe eyes. Procedure, rewards, retention, costs, contraindications … before getting started, an expert gives us all the detail to know about eyelash extensions and specialist advice.

Eyelash extensions, long victims of stereotypes and considered frivolous, are rapidly in demand in France and flicker in the eyes of women of all ages. “In France, eyelash extensions did not have a very good reputation until the end of the 2010s … They have long been synonymous with their extra-long, thick, and complete eyelashes with bimbos and reality TV candidates. Moreover, women were wary of the chemicals used on the skin. The procedure has advanced today and is widely democratized,” observes Joana Giacalone, founder of the Parisian salons. “It was as controversial as plastic surgery before since it was deemed ‘fake.’ It is no longer shameful to do eyelash extensions from now on. People got customers aged 18 to 90! Women pass their addresses on to each other and are more relaxed with the modern strategies that are not dangerous.

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How Do You Pick Eyelash Extensions in Your Style?

Normal, refined, or more lavish … Each appearance is tailor-made. “A diagnosis begins with everything. Eyelash extensions must be suited to the anatomy of your face and the shape of your eyes. The practitioner prefers extensions identical to your natural eyelashes, so they are not too bulky or irritating. Then all you have to do is determine the style according to the desires of the client: thickness, length, curvature, density … Everything is personalized,” It’s up to you to pick the look you’ve been wearing over your eyes for many weeks … And to presume that!

How Does the Installation Work with An Eyelash Extension?

Simply lie on your back after removing make-up and close your eyes … Some can even indulge in a nap since it is not painful to add eyelash extensions. It is better, on the other hand, to not be in a rush! For a classic pose, a session lasts at least an hour … For the most voluminous posture, which can last up to two hours! And for good reason: it is a very thorough and careful method. “To distinguish the lower and upper eyelashes, patches are placed under the eyes. One or more extensions are placed on the eyelashes with pliers depending on the look selected. The extensions are not attached to the skin, but to the natural eyelashes, 1 mm from the eyelid. There is no dermatological contact between the extension, the glue, and the skin,” the expert explains. The outcome is immediate when you open your eyes! Farewell, mascara. In general, for 48 hours after startup, it is advisable not to open your eyes and not to wet them.

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The Benefits of Extensions for Eyelash

The primary benefit of wearing eyelash extensions is that every day you don’t have to put on eye makeup. The eyelashes are well deployed as soon as you wake up and the eyes look less tired. “The demand is above all normal in France. Women are not looking for an XXL effect à la Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian … They want a mascara effect instead,” Joana Giacalone says. “Instead of getting plastic surgery, clients aged 50 and over mostly come to cover their drooping eyelids. It opens up the eyes and changes the face.”

Eyelash extensions have a more natural appearance and a longer lifetime, also compared to false eyelashes. For a specific evening or case, false eyelashes are more in demand, since the adhesive does not last for more than a day. On the other side, when you are not used to it, they can be difficult to deal with.

All About the Eyelash Extension Trend

Will we succumb to the fake eyelash magnetic trend?

Apply glue-free fake eyelashes and remove them in the blink of an eye? These are the promises of fake magnetic eyelashes, a new fad for lovers of beauty. So, a true revolution or a product that is overrated? Our opinion is here.

How can your eyelash extensions be maintained?

It needs minimal maintenance to wear eyelash extensions on a regular basis. The specialist suggests washing them with fake eyelash shampoo once a week and brushing them with a brush. “It is best to avoid eye makeup, such as greasy eyeliner, heavy pencils, or hyper-pigmented eye shadow. This can lead to peeling off extensions,” she warns. Be sure to gently remove make-up from your eyes for make-up addicts who deviate from the law, without using oily items such as oils or balms. Lastly, extensions will not last forever! The extensions fall off after 2-3 weeks, either because the adhesive loses its influence, or because the natural lash is at the end of its life. The rendering is no longer linear, tiny holes can exist. “To fill it up, you have to come back to the salon”. Required and frequent adjustments that include a certain budget …

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Really, are eyelash extensions safe?

If wearing eyelash extensions every day is tempting, it is strongly recommended that you take a break from time to time. In the long run, the weight of the extensions will make the natural eyelashes thinner and more responsive. Therefore, you must let them breathe at least once a year, “the expert advises, before reassuring us:” In any case, natural eyelashes will not vanish from the extensions! If this occurs, the service was of low quality.

In some circumstances, however, the installation of eyelash extensions is not recommended: “They will reject requests when it is unsafe.” For example, for people who are undergoing chemotherapy, who have alopecia, who have eczema, psoriasis, or autoimmune disorders, they avoid doing it. On the other hand, there is no issue for wearers of contact lenses and pregnant women (even though permission from a doctor is still recommended).

Where to do extensions for eyelashes?

Often take the time to pick your center well before getting started and learn about its protocol for eyelash extension. Choose a glance professional salon. The origin of the goods used is definitely the most relevant criterion. It is always important to check if the glue and the synthetic eyelashes are of good quality and comply with European Union requirements if there are no successful organic or natural products. In addition to reducing allergies and side effects, the extensions are also a guarantee of a strong grip.

On the price hand, for a classic first installation in a quality establishment, the cost is between 120 euro and 180 euro. For a more comprehensive and bulky operation, rates may go up to 200 -250 euro. The sum of the modifications ranges from 50 euro to 100 euro.

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