How to Select the Best Eyelash Extensions

It’s decided, we want to open our eyes without playing with brush and mascara. Eyelash extensions are an attractive option. What style to choose to adorn your eyelash fringe? Overview of popular techniques.

Wedding, work, evening … Eyelash extensions adapt to the needs of each according to their desires, style and resources, such as makeup. What sort of style to adopt? Here are the three most valued forms.

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For the first time, this is the suggested method. Each eyelash extension (0.15 mm thick) is mounted gently against a natural eyelash and arranged one by one along the eyelashes fringe. Depending on the budget and the formula chosen, the latter is filled in whole or in part.

The full pose lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, during which time the client lies with her eyes closed. The number of extensions-false eyelashes-varies by number of eyelashes (90 to 140 extensions per eye are added on average). The length, the thickness and the curve are described with the professional according to the intended objective (gaze opening, volume)

The effect is fairly normal, and mascara is not needed when the bangs are fully filled in. On average fillings can be made once every three weeks after complete installation to fill in the “holes.”


By applying “eyelash fans” this popular technique brings volume to look. The specialist sticks on any eyelash between 2 and 6 lengths, thinner and lighter than the “classics” These are arranged in a bouquet to create a collection of 200 to 500 lashes per eye and placed on each natural lip. The thickness of each extension is 0.07 mm, so as not to weigh the eye down.

The technique is ideal for those with few eyelashes or defects in the bangs. The compact and complex result suits occasions, parties, weddings, etc.


The “American volume” is a much more theatrical version of the Russian volume, fashion originating from the west coast of the United States and in demand in French salons. The look is more unstructured and highly visible, with mascara particularly. The extensions measure 0.015 mm long. Quite thin, the extensions are assembled without weighing on the eyelashes.


The eyelash approach is flexible, and the outcome is more normal than I would expect. We take the act of brushing our eyelashes after two days (and we get a taste for that). On the relaxation hand you don’t notice the extensions any more after the first two days.

In the beginning, putting on the lenses with the extensions takes a little skill but we take the fold over the days.

You easily get used to not wearing mascara anymore (when you wake up with a nude make up). And above all, we save bathroom time in the morning!

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