Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2020

Memory Foam Mattresses: Wholesome, Hygienic, Heavenly

We’ve all seen the adverts for Memory Foam Mattresses. They’re usually plastered in the windows of major furniture sellers (you know the ones) or slipped in subtly between an ad for coffee and chocolate during the Corrie break.

We’ve all seen that TV ad, usually with a good-looking woman lounging luxuriously on what seems to be a mattress made from marshmallows, and we’ve all thought ‘that looks good’. A few of us, especially those on diets, have even progressed to ‘that looks tasty’. But believe us – we’ve tried it, and it doesn’t actually taste that nice.

Memory foam mattresses work like a dream.

But you don’t just want dreams. You want the real thing. How do we know this? Because you’re on our website. And you’re on this website for one simple reason: you want a memory foam mattress. Even if you tell yourself you’re just researching, just browsing – we know the truth.

Because, let’s face it, we all want one.

There are tons of great reasons to get one, too. Just look at this list – here’s just 6 of them and this is only the start!

  • Memory Foam Mattresses are great for supporting your body as you sleep. No more sore backs and necks from ‘lying funny’, thanks to weight-diffusion technology!
  • Memory Foam has fantastic durability, so your investment will last you for years without ever once letting you down.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses come in a range of densities to suit everyone (depending on how firm you’d like your mattress to be).
  • Memory Foam Mattresses are great for people with dust allergies (or indeed people without) because Memory Foam is mould-, mildew-, dust- and mite-resistant.
  • Memory Foam moves with your body, so whatever position you sleep in, the mattress will adapt
  • Memory Foam was developed for use in NASA shuttle programs, so you know the best scientists have been working on it to make it as perfect as can be.

Editor’s Picks Best Foam Matress Table

If they’re not some of the best reasons in the world to buy a memory foam mattress, we’ll eat our hats. What’s more, these offer a fantastic deal. We’ve found they’re particularly effective with frugal mothers, disapproving husbands (wives, we’ve noticed, are rarely disapproving of household purchases), and jealous friends.

Anyone looking to buy a new mattress should seriously consider the benefits of memory foam mattresses. The material used in these mattresses were originally designed for NASA space flights, but because of the comfort and support they provide they were soon released for home mattresses.

The benefits of memory foam mattresses comes from the ability for the material to adapt to the contours of the body. This allows the spine to be supported properly during sleep and pressure point relief. Whereas several other types of mattresses can be uncomfortable to sleep on even after a short time of owning it, these mattresses will last a long time and be a safe investment.

Like any other type of mattress, all major sizes are available from single to double, queen, king size and cal king. The difference in comfort results from the thickness and density of the memory foam. These thicknesses can be anywhere from a couple of inches up to 10 inches or more. Many people argue the value of 10-inch mattresses whereas a 4-5 inch mattress is often ideal for many.

Memory foam responds to changes in temperature, which is why the material can support the body in the areas that need it most. When the memory foam is cold it will be firmer and when it gets warm it gets softer and more conforming. In addition to memory foam mattresses there are also mattress toppers and pads that can achieve the same effect as mattresses. By placing memory mattress toppers on top of an existing mattress the user can experience the supportive and comfortable features of memory foam.

Some of the best models may cost more than other mattress types but they are certainly a wise investment. Take a look at some of the excellent models we have recommended.


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