Guide to The Best Solid Wood Table Tops

space camera desk laptopSolid wood table tops provide a fancy look that matches nearly any style in your home. Wooden tables are sturdy and well-built. They last for years, providing a great place for the family to get together and dine.

Solid wood table tops blend with modern and rustic decor. No matter what style or color you choose for the rest of your dining room, these tables will fit in and create a warm environment.

Those looking to be more environmentally friendly will appreciate the idea of using reclaimed wood to create beautiful table tops. Solid wood table tops provide a vast array of options to add an antique touch to your living space.

In addition to tables, you could choose to turn your table top into a counter or an island bar. The table tops also make a great addition to any restaurant or business you own.

Benefits of Solid Wood Table Tops

The main reason for choosing wood as your table top material is durable. Wood tables last much longer than glass or other materials. It is very difficult to scratch the surface or break the table top. Through rough family abuse, solid wood table tops stand strong, ready for anything that comes their way.

Another benefit is the beautiful grain designs and rich colors. Every wooden table top is unique because the grain for each type and cut of wood is different. The grain creates a unique pattern that is never duplicated by another family’s table.

Wood stain is available in a variety of rich, warm colors to match your room color and decor. Cherry, Oak, Pine, and Cedar colors are common, while shades of pink, blue, green and red are also possible.

Available finishes include the less shiny satin finish, a very shiny, glossy finish, and semi-gloss in the middle. Certain finishes are more resistant to scratching and wear. Polishing may be necessary to keep the finish looking brilliant.

Going Green with Reclaimed or Composite Wood

Composite solid wood table tops are made from scrap wood and other products that would usually be discarded. Rather than creating so much waste, these materials can be reclaimed and repurposed. This is better for the environment. It saves trees in the long run and keeps reusable products out of landfills.

Composite wood is often made using recycled plastic, giving you an interesting story to tell visitors to your home. These materials look like natural wood. They are durable and strong. Environmental benefits include less timber harvesting, less energy used to create the products, and less space taken up in landfills.

Reclaimed lumber adds value to your project because it is rich with history and naturally stronger than newer wood products. Many types of reclaimed wood are no longer available as new wood products because of their rarity and decreased use. They are typically very strong and last hundreds of years into the future.

Whatever solid wood table tops you choose to use in your home, your family is sure to agree on the beauty and antiquity they add to the environment.

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